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Privilege Secure+

Prevent Inadvertent Release of Privileged Information to Opposing Counsel

Lexbe’s Privilege Secure+ service helps protect you from inadvertently releasing privileged or attorney work product documents in your production.

As eDiscovery and electronic stored information (ESI) collections continue to increase in size, conducting a quality attorney-client privilege and work-product review has become more challenging. Without utilizing the latest generation of computer assisted privilege review, the chances of making an inadvertent privilege disclosure can be high. Using Lexbe’s Privilege Secure+, you can be confident in your productions.

Examples of possible mistakes during the review process include: undertrained reviewers; insufficient review time; unsearchable documents; incomplete search indices; search not done in extracted and OCRed text; and privilege text retained in natives, text files and load files. Any of these problems and more can result in most or nearly all of a privileged document being identified, but not all exact duplicates or similar documents.

In Exxon v Hill (5th Cir. May 6, 2014), the court refused to help Exxon regain control of key case documents created by counsel during contract negotiations and inadvertently produced. Even if inadvertently produced documents can be retracted with a privilege ‘claw-back’ agreement, the information is already known and can cause great damage to a case.

Features of Privilege Secure+

  • Identify Near Duplicates: We identify near duplicates of privilege and work product documents you have previously coded, and group them for your review and possible privilege or work product coding. When privileged documents are missed, they are often unidentified near duplicates of other privileged documents that were identified.
  • Load File Generation:We include loadfiles (or loadfile overlay updates if applicalble) usable in most litigation database platforms, including Excel .XLSX (Lexbe load file format), .DAT/.OPT (Concordance, Relativity, iConect, Allegro, Ringtail) and .DII (Summation) loadfile formats.

Benefits of Privilege Secure+

  • Maintain control of confidential information: Privilege Secure+ will identify near duplicate versions of privileged documents to prevent a disastrous disclosure of private information.
  • High Speed: We can process any sized document collection FAST. Our proprietary ESI architecture allows us to cull even the largest ESI collections.
  • Low Price: In addition to being highly scalable, our processing architecture’s efficient design allows us to pass cost savings on to our customers in the form of low per GB rates that decline at volume..
  • Simple and Fast Transmission: Transmit your ESI files to us by secure internet upload, via secure FTP or send them to us direct via courier on flash or USB drives for processing. When your job has been completed, we will return them to you by your preferred method.


Security is critically important to us. We specialize in eDiscovery processing, litigation support and online litigation database and document hosting. We are located in Austin, TX and all of our operations are conducted in the United States. We keep data on limited access servers in locked-down data centers. Files and information are stored and transmitted with 256 bit encryption. Find more information about our data security standards and security certifications here.

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